3 filled snacking bars

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3 delicious snacking bars filled with praliné hazelnuts or caramel with salt.  Learn more

En raison des fortes chaleurs, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de livrer les produits temporairement.

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Our manufacturing secrets

We are SO proud to develop our “barrette” (filled chocolate bar) with one of the few artisans in the world working from bean-to-bar.
Indeed, our artisan, specialized in chocolate coating, has his own cocoa plantations in Equator and produces himself his chocolate coating ! He masters the entirely process of manufacturing the chocolate : from the cocoa culture, to the roasting of the beans, until molding the chocolate bars.
No doubt, you deal here with an exceptional chocolate quality thanks to the huge attention given to the raw material and the whole processes. Proof : through our barrettes, you will find the finest chocolate coating, and you will understand all the work behind ! Regarding the filling, be prepared : hazelnuts praliné, liquid salted caramel, raspberry or strawberry ganaches, enough for everyone’s taste !

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3 filled snacking bars