French crispy rolled wafers in a metal box

« Milk chocolate »

Illustrated by : Simon Landrein

Our delicious crispy rolled wafers are manufactured with love in a small village of Britany, in the northwest of France. Created in 1886, their recipe is jealously preserved ever since. Each piece is delicately covered with intense milk chocolate, giving it an incredible melt-in-the-mouth crunchiness. Learn more

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Our manufacturing secrets

All started in this Quimper kitchen in the XIX century. Distracted by a multiplicity of tasks, a pastry-cook leaves one of her crêpes on the stove. Surprisingly, the crêpe has revealed an incredible crispy and airy feeling. Immediate success ! Nowadays, the crêpe is rolled on itself several times and baked in order to bring more lightness
Let yourself be tempted by this crispy sweet covered with a tender milk chocolate. A delicious made in France biscuit that will perfectly fit with your coffee breaks !

Cette ligne sera invisible en front, ce n'est qu'un repère de fin de bloc

  • The artist

    Simon Landrein

    Simon Landrein's minimalistic and irreverent style emerge among prestigious magazines as The New Yorker and New York Times !

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    Simon Landrein

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French crispy rolled wafers in a metal box