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The huge box

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A huge box of chocolates to satisfy the most gourmets! This chocolate box contains 4 organics chocolate bars, 1 box of 32 chocolate squares, a kit of 3 mini bars and 1 box of coated almonds with milk and dark chocolate, all illustrated by talented artists! Learn more

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Fall for this amazing box containing a mix of our delicious chocolates, with 100% natural ingredients coming from France, raised in a sustainable agriculture. We have chosen to elaborate our recipes with cocoa beans from Equator and Peru, known for having powerful flavours.
Inside this box you will find : 1 box of 32 chocolates squares; 1 box of chocolate covered almonds made by our artisan in Provence; 5 chocolate bars (dark 72%, dark & hazelnuts, milk, milk & hazelnuts, milk caramel & salt from Guérande); 3 barrettes (dark praliné ganache, milk praliné & dark caramel and salt); 3 mini chocolate bars (milk, milk & almonds and dark 72%).

Cette ligne sera invisible en front, ce n'est qu'un repère de fin de bloc

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The huge box



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