T-shirt "Cacaoyé" - Unisex

« 100% coton »

Illustrated by : Jean André

Portez ce t-shirt pour crier haut et fort votre amour pour le chocolat ! Jean André s’associe à la Compagnie Créole pour vous faire swinger sous les cacaoyers ;) Learn more

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Our manufacturing secrets

Initially conceived for the choco team, these 100% cotton t-shirts displaying funny tag lines have rapidly captured the clients’ heart. After many requests from visitors at Le salon du chocolat, who kept asking where they could buy our t-shirts, we finally decided to create a limited edition. 

To do so, we have chosen to collaborate with Lemahieu, a textile manufacturer since 1947 located in the North of France. Our t-shirts are certified “France origin guarantee” and we are grateful to support the activity of this atelier located in our country. CACAORICO !

Regarding the design, we’ve work with two artists we love, Jean André and Melody Leblond !

  • The artist

    Jean André

    Jean André, is the king of the "gentleman art", a unique genre halfway between charm illustrations and the highlight of the beauty of the ladies !

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    Jean André

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