Mini bar - Milk & hazelnuts

« The dogs »

Illustrated by : Jessica Das


Discover our milk chocolate and hazelnuts recipe with this mini organic bar. Doesn't the illustration created by the brilliant Jessica Das make you want to directly go the dance floor? Learn more

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Our manufacturing secrets

It’s near Avignon that our delightful organic chocolate bars are handcrafted made. After touring all around France, we have found the best artisan with who we now closely collaborate to develop our recipes. Because it’s a family business, this expert has inherited of his specific know-how, which is transmitted from one generation to the next.
Everything starts from the cocoa beans : we have chosen to work with beans coming from Equator and Peru. This type of cocoa is exclusively dedicated for “grand cru” chocolate ! Like wine, its environment and climate allow the cocoa to develop amazing flavours. All this in the respect of sustainable agriculture. 
We follow the same principles for each ingredient added in our chocolate recipes. They are all natural and selected by a high quality sourcing, and thus participate to enhance our fantastic recipes ! 
Thanks to all these choices we have made to respect the environment, from the raw material to the handcrafted production, we have been certified : «Pure cocoa butter» ; «AB organic» and «Europ organic agriculture». Bravo !
Discover this soft and creamy organic milk chocolate 41%, enriched with grilled hazelnuts slivers which provide delightful smoky notes. So delicious !

Cette ligne sera invisible en front, ce n'est qu'un repère de fin de bloc

  • The artist

    Jessica Das

    After growing up in California, Jessica took root in Paris. Her universe is populated by colourful and polymorphous creatures, always in a good mood.

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    Jessica Das

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