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Le chocolat des Français combines...

The Good Taste

Our delightful recipes are simple, sweet, and entirely made with quality ingredients! All our chocolates are 100% pure cocoa butter and 100% natural, with no palm oil or conservatives. Our expertise has been awarded during the prestigious 21st edition of Paris' Salon du Chocolat with the best young brand award!

The Good Look

Flashy colors and fancy drawings! Our chocolate bars are all wrapped in lovely packagings designed by a variety of artists. They are more than 150 to have collaborated with us, for both limited editions and/or permanent collections. Their backgrounds might be diverse, they all share the same love for chocolate!

The Made in France

From the conching of the chocolate to the printing of our packagings, everything is made in France. We honor the tradition of French chocolate craftsmanship and proudly claim it! Our lovely packagings revisit French clichés with a creative touch (and a lot of humour)!

The Adventure

Ten years ago, Matthieu and Paul met while studying at a prestigious Parisian arts school. Besides their love for illustration in all its forms, they rapidly found themselves a more unusual common passion: chocolate. From then on, they decided they would never leave each other.

Somewhat disappointed not being able to join France’s famous “Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat”, they decided to start their own gang of cocoa lovers. With a few others gourmet fellows, they regularly gathered to enjoy the most original and unlikely chocolate recipes.

Hundreds of chocolate pieces later, Matthieu and Paul were left unsatisfied: they could not find a both tasty and good looking French chocolate. Tired of waiting for the promised bar, they chose to make it by themselves. Le chocolat des Français was born!

In search of the perfect chocolate bar, Matthieu and Paul bumped into a French chocolate maker who, seduced by their enthusiasm, rapidly accepted to join the adventure. Over 40 years of experience, trained with his father... It was decided: he would put its intransigent taste buds into the service of Le chocolat des Français’ yummy recipies!

Gourmet, 100% pure cocoa butter, without any palm oil or preservatives and made in France!

Although it already did not have to be ashamed of its assets, Le chocolat des Français was lacking this "je-ne-sais-quoi" people envy the French. Our two chocolate smugglers then returned to their drawing boards and invited more than 50 artists to illustrate their bars. Flashy colors, fancy drawings… Le chocolat des Français is not the type of chocolate bars to melt away into the masses: it does everything it can to please taste buds as much as eyes!

In November 2014, Le chocolat des Français showcasted its bars at Paris’ 20th Salon du Chocolat. Immediately afterwards, around the corner of an umpteenth crunchy adventure, our two budding chocolate makers met Vincent, who soon became the trio's third and last fellow. Worshipping the cocoa bean, he would make sure the group avoided stock shortage! Exactly one year later, Le chocolat des Français celebrated its first anniversary at the chocolate fair which witnessed its birth, winning the “Best Young Chocolate Brand” award! No doubt, the whole world will soon be able to taste our chocolate! CACAORICO!

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