The "Dino" metallic egg

« Milk praliné hazelnuts chocolate »

Illustrated by : Marylou Faure


This Easter going to be eggscellent ! This metallic egg and its super cool little dinosaurs in a sparkling green background hides our delicious and melting hazelnut praline milk chocolate eggs ! Learn more

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We have more than one trick up your sleeve !

It is in Eastern France that our delicious praline eggs have been prepared with the greatest care by a chocolate factory for which we have fallen in love. The craft know-how has been passed down from generation to generation for more than a century now!
Our little milk bites hold in their praline heart, a secret and perfect recipe, 100% natural, 100% pure cocoa butter and 100% gourmet! You can only love them.
Our 30 golden mini eggs with praline milk, have been wrapped into a metallic maxi-egg sharped with many colours and funny illustrations. It will only satisfy you! Fall in love with this original work by the illustrator Marylou, from which you will find it difficult to separate. We're sure that once you eat the inside, you'll end up exposing it at home... Want to bet ?


Cette ligne sera invisible en front, ce n'est qu'un repère de fin de bloc

  • The artist

    Marylou Faure

    Marylou's playful work is easily recognizable by a vibrant colour palette and her quirky style. She expresses herself best when drawing female forms and advocates equal rights for all.

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    Marylou Faure

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The "Dino" metallic egg


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