The Super organic Advent Calendar - limited edition đź‘‘

« French History Â»

Illustrated by : Axelle Doppelt


Because 2 presents are better than one, here is our Advent calendar on French History! 24 days to rediscover the French History with a capital H. In this calendar, you will find marshmallow bears, mini chocolate bars or praline rocks. These 24 creations are 100% pure cocoa butter, organic and free of palm oil. Learn more

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The secrets of our production

Chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, marshmallow bears... All made in France by our artisan chocolate makers. We fell in love with their creations, as tasty as they are original, prepared with the finest ingredients! It is thanks to the rare and highly prized know-how of our chocolate makers that these 24 ultra gourmet surprises are divinely tasty.

An Advent calendar 100% pure cocoa butter and guaranteed without palm oil. Only organic chocolates inside! And the promise of a treasure hunt from which you will never be able to break!

Our recipes: 2 marshmallow bears coated with dark chocolate, 2 marshmallow bears coated with milk chocolate, 2 balls of milk chocolate with hazelnuts praline, 2 cocoa truffles with caramel bursts, 1 cocoa truffle, 1 salted dark chocolate small bar, 2 milk chocolate mendiants with hazelnuts, 1 extra dark chocolate mendiant with almonds, 2 cocoa truffles with crispy wafers bursts, 2 cocoa truffles with hazelnuts bursts, 1 cocoa truffle with chocolate chips, 1 extra dark chocolate square, 1 milk chocolate square, 1 salted extra dark chocolate square, 1 milk with salted caramel chocolate square, 1 milk chocolate mini bar, 1 dark chocolate mini bar.

  • The artist

    Axelle Doppelt

    Axelle studied graphic art design at Esag Penninghen. Inspired by her final projet at the end of her studies, Axelle published a pop-up book for children named “Inventions”.

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    Axelle Doppelt

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The Super organic Advent Calendar - limited edition đź‘‘