12 Cocoa Truffles

« Truffles meltingpot »

Illustrated by : Dans Les Dents

More truffles and more fun with this metal box of 12 organic dark chocolate truffles! Learn more

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Our manufacturing secrets

It is near Angers that we elaborate hand in hand with our chocolate craftsman these delicious dark chocolate truffles 100% ORGANIC and pure cocoa butter.

Without palm oil, without preservatives, these chocolate delights were manufactured starting from raw materials rigorously selected and answering a sensory and gustatory quality of high level. Let yourself be tempted by the power of cocoa and the melting heart of the natural truffle coated with a fine cocoa powder. A guaranteed treat!

  • The artist

    Dans Les Dents

    His artistic world? A parallel world, that he developps by mixing urbanism, a multitude of reel and imaginary plants, and animals and characters of all types.

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    Dans Les Dents

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12 Cocoa Truffles