Milk & Dark chocolate covered almonds

« EIffel Tower poodle »

Illustrated by : François Thevenet

Inside this beautiful boxe inspired by the typical Parisian doggy, you will find delicious almonds divinely covered with milk and dark chocolate. Small marbles of happiness! Learn more

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  • Net weight :125g
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Our manufacturing secrets

It’s in the heart of Provence that we’ve found THE best artisan specialised in almonds. Formed by his parents, this expert has a unique and traditional know-how that has been referenced by the French living heritage (hell yes !).
This label given by the French Government rewards the excellence of the know-how, but also the quality of all the selectionned ingredients used to create high-end recipes. This is why working with this specific artisan has been a crucial choice for us, we wanted the best product on the market.
Heated over a naked flame in a huge copper pot, the almonds are roasted with caramelized sugar. Then, they are covered with extra dark 60% or milk 31% chocolate.
Made exclusively with natural ingredients and without palm oil, our covered almonds are crispy and smooth at the same time. You will eat the entire box in one shot, it’s a guarantee !

Cette ligne sera invisible en front, ce n'est qu'un repère de fin de bloc

  • The artist

    François Thevenet

    "Color is life," says impetuous illustrator Frank The Kook. With him everything is subject to drawing, as long as it makes sense or makes him laugh!

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    François Thevenet

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