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Le chocolat des Français and Hédène deliciously merge their know-how for a collector's recipe and terribly regressive! The chocomiel and its bear gang will make the most gourmets shiver with this dough spread, 100% natural and made in France. Get ready, it's going to wreak havoc! Learn more

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Les secrets de notre fabrication


This collector's chocolate and honey spread is the result of an original collaboration between Hédène and Le chocolat des Français, two companies that share a passion for taste and wish to showcase French know-how.

In order to offer you a gourmet and healthy recipe, we have carefully selected only three ingredients to brighten up your gourmet breaks: acacia honey from France Hédène, dark chocolate with 71% cocoa from Le chocolat des Français and organic hazelnuts. Without palm oil or vegetable oil, this tasty and natural creation is respectful of French traditions and the environment. A spreadable delight combining the sweetness of honey, the boldness of dark chocolate and the sweetness of hazelnuts.

Tasting suggestion: this 100% French Chocomiel is best enjoyed at snack time for a well-deserved gourmet break. With its creamy texture and chocolate aromas, it is the ideal product to accompany your sandwiches, pancakes and other waffles. Due to its simple, healthy and quality ingredients, it is to be consumed without moderation to delight young and old.

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