French crispy rolled wafers in a metal box

« Dark chocolate »

Illustrated by : Clément Soulmagnon

Our delicious French crispy rolled wafers are made with love in a small village in Brittany, using quality ingredients and without palm oil. Created in 1886, their recipe is simple but jealously kept secret! Each piece is delicately draped in a thin layer of fondant milk chocolate. Keep dry and fresh. To preserve the optimal qualities of our delicious biscuits, consume within 7 days after opening.

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  • Net weight :90g
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    Clément Soulmagnon

    Both an animation director and an illustrator, Clément doesn't have time to fool around! Like a magician, he appropriates styles and transforms them for an always surprising result.

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    Clément Soulmagnon

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French crispy rolled wafers in a metal box